Aaron Judge is a big man. 

Some photos of Judge and his wife Samantha walking on to the field at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa this past Monday night are going viral. At first look there doesn’t really seem to be anything all that crazy to see. Everyone in the photos looks pretty normal and no one, not even in the background is doing anything unusual. It wasn’t until one sharp-eyed baseball fan zoomed in on part of the photo that the weirdness started.

“HER ENTIRE HAND IS ONE AARON JUDGE FINGER,” they tweeted with a zoomed in look at the couple’s hands.

Take a look at the zoom in below:

“That watch would be a necklace on her,” one fan observed.

“It’s like when a toddler grabs your hand,” someone else tweeted.

“I knew dude was massive but jesus christ he’s a literal giant,” another tweeted.

The photos of Judge and his wife Samantha is similar to the pic of Aaron next to Jose Altuve from 2021.

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