An update to NCAA policy now permits student-athletes to earn income based on their likeness while playing collegiate sports. Although it’s a source of continued debate, this policy was widely welcomed across the college athletics community. Student-athletes who hope to earn money from their name image likeness (NIL) are now able to gain moral and financial support from loyal fans, thanks to the new NIL platform,  TipMyTeam. Bobby Reid, a former Quarterback for Oklahoma State and Texas Southern, is one of the founders of the platform. 

TipMyTeam is a non-profit that allows fans to donate to their favorite college sports teams. Donations are split evenly amongst all athletes on a team, and a portion is donated to injured athletes.

The introduction of TipMyTeam is an equalizer for collegiate athletes. A key difference between TipMyTeam and other platforms is that the athlete agreements aren’t exclusive, and student athletes are still able to pursue private NIL deals, which gives them more freedom and earning power.This platform puts power into the hands of the athlete to connect with fans of their sport, while also earning money for living expenses. 

The TipMyTeam platform also offers the unique ability for college athletes to give back to their communities and to injured athletes. For many student-athletes, the chance to raise money for a good cause is a game changer. 

Bobby Reid explains, “In addition to a tax write off, donors get the privilege of helping a college athlete contribute to society through their acts of charity and community service, required by the TipMyTeam platform.”

Aside from helping these student-athletes to earn enough income for living costs, this provides the athletes with a sense of purpose. The ability to give back to a cause they care about is priceless.